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miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Dragonlance - Types of Cards II

We will continue with the types of letters of this wonderful (I hope!) game we're developing. 

Now the cards are to be used against your opponent / s, these are the cards Challenge. Challenge cards are divided into letters Beast representing the different creatures you can find a group of adventurers in the world of Krynn. Threat cards are events or resources of creatures that can occur unexpectedly. And finally, the Trap cards, which will be waiting at the doorstep to harm you.

Murderer of the shadows
To make the movements of our group of characters we use Ansalon Map and Location cards. These will represent the different parts of each nation. There are two types of spots: Settlement (she normally are cities or landscapes) and Dungeon (which are sites of exploration difficult and usually with one or more guards to protect their treasures).

Wayreth´s Tower

Adventure cards will represent missions that can make our stalwart band of heroes to increase their exploits and legends, that is, your score to win. In this framework may also include cards of Relic, which are great lost treasures of the Gods.

 Mace of Kharas

And finally, the Event cards, which account for activities unrelated to the players. They play more events according to the powers and struggles of the Gods of Krynn.

Moons of Krynn

Hope you like the best and that you have wanted to receive more news from Dragonlance ..

A greeting!

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