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sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Dragonlance - Types of Cards I

Today we will develop the various letters that we will meet in the game, and subsequententries we will develop each type of card and what does.

First, we have letters of Avatar, which will represent each of the 21 gods in the world ofKrynn in the War of the Lance.

Constellations of the Gods

Next we have the letters of Adventurer, which will be the main characters with which the game starts, among which are the most popular Heroes and Villains of the War of the Lance. You can also expand your group of adventurers with letters of Allies (the rest of the characters in the book), NPC (the most important and influential of Ansalon, while not actively involved if you help in your search for the Gods ) and finally the letters of the Army (representing the armies and armies of the various races and nations of Ansalon).
This group will form the letters of Alliance.

Army Solamnia

We will also have letters of Tactics.
The Talented and maneuvers that are innate abilities of different characters depending on their class or race. Shares that are indicated as the different actions you can take a character at one point, as a Combat. We will also have letters of equipment that will bethe various objects that you can equip characters. Spell letters to represent the magic ofMages and Clerics. And finally the letters of experience to represent improvements in the skills and Adventurers statistics.

Book of Fistandantilus

The next day we will continue with other cards.

 A greeting!

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