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viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

The Mines of Moria (English version)

Si lo quereis en la lengua de Shakespeare..    See English version Here!

Now, all this cards in this link:

Many thanks to  IanHancock:

"""Okay guys, just want to make some things clear here.

Basically none of this is my original work, with the exception of some balancing that I took upon myself (I have been using these for a while) but I have recently been given permission from the original author david rodriguez(aka - filgonfin) to post the translation up on the geek. I have not included much of the aesthetic aspect of the card (the bottom text with artist) or the set icon- I really just wanted to get them on the table.

NOTE: Original thread here: 

Finally, as always, a shout must go out to the community- esp GeckoTH for his templates and ninjadorg for starting this whole custom card thing (you have unleashed a monster...) but generally just to everyone that keep this community alive. You rock.

Okay, here goes: The following files are reuploads of the files that Ian originally translated. Ian, if you don't agree to this please let me know and I will remove them immediately. All files are 7zipped with the password "Hancock".


Following are the missing cards that I have translated. I have tried to use the wording that Ian startet so that there is no confusion. Please let me know if there are any inconsistencies. These files are again 7zipped, this time with the password "Stoertebeker":

Istari Cards:
And very important: The Quest cards:

Finally, here are the translated rules for the adventure:

I hope nothing more is missing. Have fun with the adventure.
It's just a shame in a way that the first big box is Moria based- these guys did this before that was announced so hopefully their wont be too many "duplicate" cards...


Edit: At some stage I will go through and add the footer stuff onto it as it credits the creators and the artists and re-upload. Again guys- sorry, I really only churned these out for home use..."

By now David has created a second adventure located in The Hobbit. If you appreciate this adventure please let me know, then I will start the translation for that adventure.""""

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