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miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Dragonlance - Map Game

Again today we talk about this project we have in mind based on the world of Dragonlance, specifically during the War of the Lance.

Let's start with the game map.

We have divided the continent of Ansalon in several nations, for this we used the Manual of the Dragonlance - War of the Lance, apart from the many readings that have been made of the different books of this fictional universe.

In total 38 Countries have come to this we have the most important regions of Ansalon, and then have met several areas of islands as a single nation to reduce the number and were not too many.

What is it for the map?
 In principle, the map will be the basis of movement of groups of adventurers of different players. For this, each player will start in your location Start, and then in each of their shifts during the campaign / Scan can move up to 3 Nations.

In addition, the map used to view each location where it is located or Dungeon. And finally, if we apply the standard rules, will indicate the status of each of the hosts that we put into play.

 Here is a first test of the map:

Dragonlance Nations v.0

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